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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to Make More Than 3000$ per Month With Just 4 Referrals

You well know that you can make 3000$ per month by using this Site, how is it possible ? You refer 4 people and login daily, they refer each one other 4 people and login daily too, their referral do the same and their referrals too until the 10th level then you make 3000$ monthly. 
But it's a huge number of people 4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4that is more than 1 million of referrals, how can it be achievable a such goal ? Well earning units help a lot, don't forget their power because you earn the 10% on each one of referral of yours regardless if they are direct or not and this 10% is calculated on what they earn so if each one of your referral has 100 earning units ( they cost just 1$ ) then you need just 100.000 people to earn such amount but if each one of them has invested 10$ ( 1000 earning units ) then you just need 10.000 people in your whole downline ( remember that you have 10 levels ) but if instead of 3000$ you look for only 300$ that are a good extra in the developed countries and are a wage in the developing ones then you just need 1000 active referrals that each one of them has bought 1000 earning units ( 10$ ).
Now the most important thing to achieve this goal is to develop your team, you don't have to buy ads everywhere or spamming the whole web to get these referrals, you just need 4 active referrals, you must login daily and they must LogIn daily and they must refer people and teach them to do the same. Of course you and your referrals must buy earning units but earning units can be bought from your balance but if they are bought additionally with extra money then the race is easier. Let's guess that you use the site without investing a penny and after 10 days you buy your first earning unit from your balance then each day you don't earn anymore 0.001$ but 0.00101$ that in ten days produces 0.0101$ and you have two earning units then you earn then 0.00102$ daily so each ten days your earning daily increases and so after 100 days ( 3 months ) you have 11 earning units by just logging without investing a penny, with the same reinvesting mechanism then you just need 90 days to reach the number of 22 earning units and the number of days always decreases ( 80 days and so on ). And all this without investing and without referring people, refer people and this will be easier. Invest extra money and invite your referrals to do the same and things will be completely different. For this reason you must concentrate on a small number of people that do the same you do and train other people to do the same.
Remember this concept is not just the key to paidtologin's success but is the key to get success in every MLM program and remember that when you have your team of successful people you can exploit any MLM Program so please get referrals and stay in touch with them, set them as friends in Facebook and stay always in touch with them. This is the key to your personal success...