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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Controversy About Tsu

What's proven somewhat controversial about Tsu is the multi-playered system for compensating users to recruit other users.  Some people feel it's an unsustainable sytem that puts too much emphasis on recruiting new users and not enough compensation is allocated towards creating quality content.
Still others feel the financial allocation to Tsu is too low -- only 10 percent of all ad revenue goes to the company to maintain its platform. Some feel the system is inherently unrealistic because that amount may not be enough to defray the growing cost of maintaining a large, complicated software service once Tsu gets a large user base.
Other complaints have been lodged against Tsu by users who feel the network is slow to disburse payments or  does not make the payments a user feels they're due. Tsu has responded by saying in some cases, a user violated the terms and conditions or didn't earn the revenue they thought they did.