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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Thursday, January 22, 2015


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• Contains Active Root Energisers
• Controls Hair Loss in 90 days
• Stimulates Hair Growth
• Moisturizes Scalp and Hair
• Reduces Dandruff

Clinically tested and proven for effectiveness, this Hair Gain Tonic from Livon helps control hair fall in a matter of 90 days and also helps promote hair growth with the help of active root energisers.
93% consumers in a technical study by external agency agreed that Livon Hair Gain helps drive strong reduction in hair fall in 90 days.

With Livon Hair Gain, the Anagen (growth phase) to Telogen (rest phase) ratio is balanced out, which helps prevent hair follicle shrinkage and therefore hair fall is controlled.

With the help of this tonic, the main causes of hair fall are limited, such as poor blood circulation, ageing and shrinkage of hair follicles.

To get the best results with Livon Hair Gain, talk to the Livon Hair Gain Experts.
Call 1800-419-0088 toll free and get expert care to help fight your hair loss problem.

In our endeavour to get you the best product experience, we have incorporated an anti-counterfeit solution in the packaging
Please make sure you are getting the genuine pack only.

Once you receive your Livon Hair Gain pack, please do the below simple 3 step test and ensure that you received the right pack.

Do not remove the thin plastic film on top of pack.

Step 1: Tilt the Livon Hair Gain pack sideways.
Step 2: Look for the hologram on the thin plastic film on the pack
Step 3: Genuine Livon Hair Gain pack will have the below designs appearing on the outer film.

  • Clinically tested for all hair types
  • Unisex
  • Type: Hair Gain Serum
  • Brand: Livon
  • Quantity: 150ml
  • Fight hair problems with Livon Hair Gain Tonic, that gives your hair the necessary nourishment.
  • The active root energisers of this hair tonic, strengthen the roots of your hair.
  • Regular use of this hair tonic accelerates your hair growth and gives you voluminous hair.
  • Visibly reduced Hair Loss in 90 days
  • See the difference in just 15 days and get rid of hair fall problem.
  • Livon Hair Gain Tonic keeps your hair moisturized and prevents excess dryness of scalp.
  • Regular application of this hair tonic will save you from dandruff problem.
  • Additional Traits: Clinically Tested, Reduces Dandruff, Accelerates Hair Growth, Active Root Energizers, Moisturises Scalp and Hair, Enriched with Hair Re-growth Molecules, Controls Hair Fall in 15 days
  • SUPC: 1286167

L'Oreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Oil 100ML

L'Oreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Oil 100ML


Brand: Loreal

Type: Oil

Contains: 6 Oil Nourish Oil 100 ml

Created especially for Indian hair by LOreals Research and Innovation labs in India

Formulated with six extraordinary oils

Provides intense nutrition and care to both the hair and scalp

Created using a combination of three traditional oils Almond, Coconut and Olive oil

Three exotic oils Argan, Camelina and Jojoba oil to create the perfect nutrient mix for Indian hair

Suitable for all hair types

Its 6 unique micro oils penetrate deep into the scalp and provide hair with utmost nourishment and care

Designed to give great visible results

Manufactured by leading brand

Khadi Rajasthan Coffee Mug

MST Gold Scalar Energy Pendant

The MST energy pendant is uniquely produced using a Japanese mineral science technology to provide us with sufficient scalar frequencies. The active ingredients inside the pendant comprise of over 70 different natural minerals extracted from volcanic rocks which are then recombined using nanotechnology and heat fusion methods. The steel pendant contains high quality bonded volcanic minerals of Japan and Germany that efficiently emit the powerful scalar energy. Some forms of energy are more effective than others and have a whole range of profound beneficial effects on the human body. 1) enhances your immune and endocrine system 2) enhances your cellular permeability 3) helps your body in detoxification 4) helps to protect your dna from being damaged 5) helps you to prevent and guard against cancer 6) improves your blood circulation 7) improves your mental faculty of concentration 8) protects you against electromagnetic fields and waves e. G. : radiation from mobile phones, computers, tv etc.
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  • Brand: Sagas
  • Product code: FL-MSTGSEP
  • MST Scalar Energy Pendant Helps to protect your DNA from being damaged
  • MST Scalar Pendant Helps your body in detoxification
  • MST Scalar Pendant Enhances your immune and endocrine system
  • Golden MST Pendant Enhances your cellular permeability
  • Energy Pendant H
  • SUPC: SDL240268649