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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Thursday, January 28, 2016

4 STEPS To Making More Than 3000$ per Month With Just 4 Referrals

4 STEPS To Making More Than 3000$ per Month With Just 4 Referrals

​How Much Money You Can Make at ​ Make More Than 3000$ per Month With Just 4 Referrals

You refer 4 people and login daily, they each refer another 4 people and login daily too, their referral do the same and their referrals too until the 10th level then you make 3000$ monthly. Basically Each Person in the entire chain till 10 Levels needs to bring in just 4 Persons.

All you and they have to do is simply loging daily just 3 times a day and spread your own Referral Link.

Below is step by step on how to Earn Money from this site

Remember you register FREE. Nothing to pay.
Your next step is to click here:​
​You will see this Page:

Next You register. This is FREE. You do not pay anything. To create an account just put in the fields above the email and the password you want to use to login, a confirmation email will be sent to the same EMail address that you yourself have typed out. If you don't receive any email just check your spam / junk folder and mark it as not spam / junk.

Do not worry if you forgot your password try to login the same, an email will be sent.

After you register you will need to go back to your EMail Account. There simply open the EMail from this Site and Click on the Link that is mentioned in the EMail. This is important. If you miss this EMail in your InBox then search your spam and junk folder.

After you verify your Account through your EMail you once again go here​ and login with your Account and Password. This Password is not to be revealed to anyone like any other Passwords.

Now your work starts. This is what you will do on Daily Basis. This is what you have to do at​

Everyday you are to log into your Account at​
There are 2 Tasks that you are to do
Task 1:
Each day you will be shown a single Advertisement. Please do see it. Once this Advertisement comes on your screen you will be able to see another icon on Top Right Hand mentioning 'Skip This Ad' Click this.

After you click 'Skip This Ad' You will then be taken to your Account Page.
Here you will see your Earnings.

So one part it you login Daily 3 times a day - morning afternoon night.
Next part is that you spread your Referral Link.
See to it that you get more people under your own personal Referral Link. Spread your own personal Referral Link. You can put them on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, on your Blogs, WebSites, on your EMail etc. Ofcourse do not spam!.

Here Is The Maths:
How much do you get paid for each login ? The answer is 0.001$ that is exactly that the other bux/ptc sites pay per site viewed. The good here is that you have a 10 level program in which you earn the 10% on each member you referred, you need just 4 referrals to make the amount shown as displayed by the online calculator in the homepage. It's better that you get them amongst your friends or people you know very well because you will need to be in touch with them,train them and make sure they do the same as you do. Please keep in mind that to make the amount shown by the online calculator in the front page you need to have at least 4 referrals on the first level and that they have each one 4 referrals and all this until the 10th level. Also is important that you and your referrals login daily: encourage your referrals to buy earning units as you earn the 10% on the earning units they buy on 10 levels, you should also convert your balance in earning units as they gave a daily interest while if you let them in your balance you don't get any interest. Earning units pay only the day you login. if you think that minimum to cash out is just 0.01$ on Perfect Money [1$ for Paypal/Payza] then you realize that in the worst of cases you can cashout after 10 days [0.01$ = 0.001$x10days], but just by buying earning units you can increase what you get paid for every login, to know more about this wonderful opportunity please click the upgrade button on the previous page. 

Now let's talk of the other nice feature you have, namely the free banner impression you get everytime you login, which is the value of this banner impression ? Banner impressions on websites getting organic traffic usually are sold at 9.99$/10.000 impressions and this means that the banner impression you get for free and that you can use to promote everything you want [except adult websites] has a value of 0.001$. Just a word about CTR that is just the ratio between the clicks and the views your banner get. Each time you submit a new banner these datas are zeroed so you can get always a real view of your banner performance.

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