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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What Is ​Feng Shui

You will have heard about Feng Shui. Many a times you may have thought if Feng Shui actually works. Well, simply put it is matter of belief in science. Feng Shui has two aspects to it. One: It no doubt is a skill that one could develop so that one can advice properly and self practice as well. Second part is that Feng Shui is science. You need to understand the age long held knowledge of science so that you can then develop the skill set to implement.

Feng Shui essentially deals with spaces and people. In Feng Shui you deal with 'using' and 'utilizing' spaces with and in relation to people. In practical terms it is got to do with which object you place where.

Add to this you need to remember that 'time' is the crucial factor overlaying this. This means that it is placing of right object at the right place at the right time in relation with the people therein.

Now lets try to understand as to how does Feng Shui work. What you will read below is scientific explanation of Feng Shui working:

Right from the time we are born we are surrounded by magnetic energies. Here is where everything starts to work. Magnetic forces pulling or pushing in various directions. These could be harmonious or non-harmonious. These magnetic fields get affected due to various other magnetic fields around us. The emission of various other magnetic fields come from objects around us and people around us.

If you are in correct alignment of magnetic energies then the magnetic fields will be in harmony with you. Thus, your thoughts, your ideas and your impulses will be much stronger. Thereby your body heals quicker and your thoughts get sharper. Thus you start to exude magnetism. Exuding magnetism makes people at your office, your work place and in your personal life start to like you.

Similarly if your magnetic field is not in harmony with your body then a pushing effect takes place. Thus you start to push away others magnetic field. Thereby a counter effect could take place wherein you could push people off.

Changes are taking place around you. The magnetic fields are not stable. They are dynamic. The changes that take place are subtle and slow, you cannot see it. Change takes place over time. Your magnetic energy field changes and so does of other persons and objects. While the change is slow and almost unnoticeable the influence is felt and grows.

This is where Feng Shui can be helpful. Feng Shui is a correction and enhancement method.

Just the way gravity works all the time Feng Shui is also working all the time. We do not need to jump down a cliff to experience gravity. Similarly you need not practice Feng Shui - it continues to work around us. The magnetic forces are our very existence.

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