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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

OnLine Earning Sources


A Word Of Caution Before You Join OnLine Earning Sites: 

OnLine Earning is the most recent way to Earn Income. There are several ways to Earn from the Internet. However all kind of Tasks and Projects that you take up will require time, energy and a passionate attitude towards the work.
The Projects mentioned in here are not the overnite get rich types. They are what you will require to work on daily. You will need to work on them everyday of the week. They will take up approximately 1 hour of your time at one go.
To Earn Money you will need to work on these Sites on Daily basis 3 times a day. This means that you will be spending approximately 3 hours per day. 1 hour in Morning, 1 hour in Afternoon and 1 hour in Evening.
If you are willing to commit to this only then join the Sites. If you think someone else will benefit from them then share them.

Below Is What you need to know and do so that you are successful in OnLine Earning:
Below is the Information On How To Increase Your Earning Potential::
1.  Join Multiple Income Streams.
2.  Daily visit the Sites that you join atleast Three Times every day. Morning Afternoon And Evening.
3.  Do the various Tasks given on the Sites you have joined. Like Simply Viewing Of Advertisements And Reading Promotional Matter. 
4.  After you join the various Sites of Multi Income Streams check out your DashBoard in the Sites. 
5.  In Each of your Account Dashboard you will be able to find Referral Link.
6.  See to it that you get more people under your own personal Referral Link. 
7.  Spread your own personal Referral Link. You can put them on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, on your Blogs, WebSites, on your EMail etc.  Ofcourse do not spam!.
8.  This way you grow your Multi Income Stream: First join Multiple Income Streams. Second is by doing the tasks. Third is by getting more people on your Referral Link. 
9.  BookMark:

Blog Writing:

  1. Write Short Blogs And Earn +You Get Paid On Your Referral Activity Also!: This is the space where you will be able to write Blog Posts for your Audience and Earn. If you are a Blogger interested in getting Paid To Blog, you will find that this Site has hundreds of Advertisers willing to pay You to Write Posts about their Sites. Blog Posts are an easy way to Earn Money on your Blog. Come check us out. Click Here: . How it Works: There are two ways to participate: [1] You can create a profile for Your Blog(s) in order to attract Advertisers. Advertisers will purchase posts from you directly through our Marketplace, which you have the option to accept or decline within 3 days. [2] You can also search for Advertisers Directly, and bid on jobs. Their unique bidding system allows you to negotiate your rates with advertisers in order to maximize your earnings. Once you have accepted a job, you have 5 days to complete your assignment. Upon publishing the post on your blog, you must enter the URL of the post into their system. Their staff will then assess your Post to ensure that it meets quality guidelines which they will have mentioned to You. Once approved, your account is credited with the amount agreed.Every two weeks, accounts with an outstanding balance are paid instantly via PayPal. Additionally You Earn Via Your Own Referral Link As well! Click Here:
Make Money On Social Network Site That Pays Users to Post: 
  1. TSU , pronounced Sue, has had a solid backing from venture capital company Sancus Capital Prive who invested $7 million. 50 Cent and NBA star Carmelo Anthony even jumped onto the social networking platform and so has the public.
    No doubt it is a fact that Facebook is a more established Social Networking Platform but Tsu is different in that it wants to reward You the user for sharing their platform. They aim to do this by giving you a revenue share from the advertisements they display.You can join the social media network through a friend or family members unique short code
    The concept of Tsu is very simple and was in fact modeled after revenue share payout of YouTube. The only difference is that Tsu is a Social Networking Platform that is open to all types of media (pictures, videos, audio, etc).
    Here’s How You Get Paid on TSU:Tsu pays out a whopping 90% to it’s users who are creating content and sharing posts. While the company itself keeps 10% of the total revenue it earns from the display advertisements.Tsu works a lot like Network Marketing in that it’s referral based and there are levels to their payouts. Except your organization is not called a team, it’s called a “Family Tree.” So let’s say you invite someone to sign up to Tsu. Anyone that creates an account using your unique link will become your 'children' and are now a part of your Family Tree. Then when those users refer others to the platform, they will become their children and will be your 'grandchildren,' thus expanding the growth of your Family Tree. The good part is that You have total control of your network and they want to pay you to grow it! They do this using a unique algorithm that pays out the family tree of children and grandchildren based on tracking and measurement metrics.According to their FAQ page, Tsu uses what they call the “rule of infinite thirds” to distribute the revenue generated from user content and then takes it’s 10% cut from the total share.So let’s say that I created a really awesome video and it got a ton of shares and I made some money, but I joined under you. Well you would earn one-third of the revenue from the video that I made after Tsu has taken their cut. And whomever you joined under, would get a third of a third of that revenue, etc. If that sounds confusing and you’d like some numbers, let’s use the $500 example.Out of $500 earned on Tsu, $450 would be shared with the users. So let’s assume that there are three users who have shared and re-shared content, the revenue would be distributed like this: Simple Explanation as an Example: Say for instance, I create an awesome video that earns $500, but after Tsu takes their 10% cut the total revenue would be $450 remaining. Which means that I would take 50% of $450 which equals $225 profit. The first user who shared my video would earn one third (33.3%) of the $450, tallying their profit to $149.85. The next user after that who shared the re-shared content, would receive an 11.1% share of the original $450. Their commissions would be $49.95 since their a third of a third, and so on.Tsu is a unique Platform in that it combines the revenue sharing concept of YouTube with a Facebook like twist. Create Your Free Account today and see if Tsu is right for you!Obtain Your Invitation/invite NOW! &; BEGIN EARNING WITH THIS SOCIAL NETWORK SITE! Click Here:   New York-based Tsu, which looks a lot like Facebook at first glance, only takes 10 percent of the ad revenue it generates, passing the other 90 percent back to users like You. The idea is that content creators, not just the platform provider, deserve to reap the monetary benefits that come with having an active user base.  On there is mainly below methods to earn money. The first one is “Inviting people to the Tsu network“. On users own their all content and own their network which means you can build up  your own referral tree via inviting new people to the network. Therefore if any users came to the platform via a user’s short code or invitation, then inviter will earn a portion of the money from newly invited individuals and from their Social Network (Referral Network). Simply what you have to do is invite friends to join under your referral code. Here is a example to how this referral algorithm works,lets say there is 3 users call A, B and C UserA invites user BUser B invites user C,User C invites user DSo the network is like A->B->C->D Part 1 – So lets say $100 of earned revenue is generated based on the content user D shared (photos, videos, status updates, etc.)Part 2 – As Tsu say 90% of earned revenue go to the users. In this case, $90 of the $100 is shared with all the users and  Tsu will  take 10% of the $100 for platform fees. In this case it’s $10.Part 3 – User D, the original content creator takes 50% of the $90. In this case its $45 and User will C get 33.3% (1/3) of the original $90 generated. In this case its $29.70. then the  User B gets 11.1% (1/3 of 1/3 = 1/9) of the original $90 generated. In this case its $9.99. And the top  User A will get 3.70% (1/3 of 1/3 of 1/3 = 1/27) of the original $90 generated. In this case $3.33 
Make Money On PTC [Paid To Click] Sites:
  1. Earn By Login InTo You Account Just Once In 12 Hours + You Get Paid On Your Referral Activity Also!: Even if you do not have a Blog or WebSite you get paid when people click on your Link Destination as well. This is given to you when you register free. So you can get people to Visit from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn EMails and so on! It is not having any fancy system. To make money with Paidtologin is quite simple just: Publish your referral link in your mail or forum signature and people will join under you and you'll earn 10% of their revenue. Of course there are many other ways to promote it as article marketing, PPC campaigns, paid banner impressions, social networking and others. Everytime you login into Paidtologin you get paid and you can see the results of your efforts and withdraw your earnings. It's so simple. . What You Have To Do On This Site: Join For Free - Registration Is Free. Then Invite Your Friends with your own Referral Link. See to it that you get more people under your own personal Referral Link. Spread your own personal Referral Link. You can put them on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, on your Blogs, WebSites, on your EMail etc.  Ofcourse do not spam!. Click Here:
  2.  Earn By Clicking On Ads [PTC] +You Get Paid On Your Referral Activity Also!: If you do not have a Blog or WebSite you get paid when people click on your Link Destination as well. This is given to you when you register free. So you can get people to Visit from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn EMails and so on! There are three ways to Earn from this Site. One is by Viewing Ads.. Two is by sharing your Referral Link and getting people to join you. Three is by sharing the URL of the some of the Ads. that you are to View. . What You Have To Do On This Site: Join For Free - Registration Is Free. Click and View The various Ads. Then Invite Your Friends with your own Referral Link. See to it that you get more people under your own personal Referral Link. Spread your own personal Referral Link. You can put them on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, on your Blogs, WebSites, on your EMail etc.  Ofcourse do not spam!. Click Here:
Make Money From Getting Friends To DownLoad Application:
  1. You Get Rs. 25/- For Each Referral And Your Friend Gets Rs. 50/-!: Refer Your Friends To DownLoad This onLine Shopping Site Mobile Application. This is the Mobile Application for the Affordable Fashion OnLine Shopping Site. Get The Site Cash [SD Cash] - You Get Rs. 25/- For Each Referral And Your Friend Gets Rs. 50/- For Joining. Keep Sharing Keep Earning. 
Earn From Android Cell Phone:
  1. You Install The Game Of Your Choice On Your Android Cell Phone = You Earn. You Keep This Game On Your Device = You Earn For Just Keeping On Your Device Daily. You Play The Game For Maximum 4 Minutes Daily = You Earn. A WebSite that pays to use it. Yes it is WHAFF. Invite Code For WHAFF : AX87459 . Give Friends Your Invitation Code And Earn $0.3 EveryTime Your Code Is Used. You get paid for not only installing your Applications but also for maintaining them in Your Device. Also you get paid to play them for 2 to 3 min. Daily!! Go To and install WHAFF. Then after you install you will be asked for the Invitation Code = You need to put this : AX87459. Discover useful apps and Get Rewarded with Cash or Gift Cards! WHAFF Rewards is not just other reward apps. WHAFF Rewards provides its own unique methods, Premium Picks, so you can earn money constantly with one offer!
    Premium Picks
    1. Install Reward: Get rewards for download an app
    2. Daily Play: Get rewards for using the app
    3. Daily Reward: Get rewards for maintaining the app on your device
    Now gain money constantly with the best reward app WHAFF Rewards!
    1. Login to WHAFF Rewards with your Facebook account.
    2. Browse new apps and download them.
    3. Get Cash via Paypal or Gift Cards(Amazon Gift Card, facebook Gift Card, PlayStation Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, Xbox Gift Card and Steam Gift Card) when you earn more than 10 dollars.
    WHAFF Making Money Android Application. WHAFF is money making application and WHAFF Rewards is a promotion application, where producer or programmer are paying for the WHAFF users like You to download their applications through WHAFF
    There are lots of task that can be done by all WHAFF users and WHAFF will give rewards to their user who has done the task.There are a lot of make money apps for android device or even iPhone, but for WHAFF Rewards is one of the best money making apps for android.Is it Whaff really pay or just is it a scam application?I would review this application: Whaff only run in Android Operation System and it is not available for iPhone or even Windows phone.You can do all those things while you are lying down in your bad, sit on your sofa or even while you are defecate. Just install the application then doing some task like download application, not uninstall the application and invite friends. After you download WHAFF from Google play store and install it on your Android Device, open and log in to WHAFFUse your Facebook ID and Password to Login, don’t worry your personal information will remained secret and save. After successful Login you will be prompted to insert the invitation code. Use this code AX87459 and you will get the welcome bonus, if you do not use the Whaff Invitation Code AX87459 your first balance still remains 0$, but if you use that code you will get some amount of dollars into your balance. Whaff Invitation Code Is AX87459.
Earn Money By Doing Likes/Hits:
  1. Earn Money By Doing Likes/Hits And Earn Your Way To Advertising Your Social Pages!:  
    Earn Money By Clicking Like And Hits On Facebook Likes, Facebook Subscribers, Twitter Followers, Youtube Subscribers, LinkedIn Shares, Youtube Video Views,
    Twitter ReTweets, Youtube Video Likes, Youtube Video Dislikes, Instagram Followers, Stumbleupon Followers, Reverbnation Fans, Website Traffic...etc
    You will earn 
    50% of All Your Referrals!
    Earn $0.00002 (0.1 Points) for each unique visit to your link.
    Get Referrals while promoting your link.
    Get +100 Points per Each Referral.(new)
    No Limit for Earnings! Click Here: any of your referrals collect points (by Facebook, YouTube,...etc) You will earn 50% of his work! Website Traffic is NOT included in this 50% referral system. (All Social Media Systems are included) You will get 100 Points for Each Active Referral. (+10 points to join, +100 bonus points for 100 hits) Earn bonus Points/Money for Each Unique visit to your referral link! Result: When you have more referrals, you can earn $4 EASY Everyday! 
    Earn Money from Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/...etGet 1000s Free Facebook Likes, YouTube Likes and Dis-Likes!
    1. Get Paid $0.003 per Facebook like, Twitter follow, Traffic hit...etc!2. Get $0.15 + 50% of your referrals earnings with unlimited refers.3. Low $0.1 minimum payout. (PayPal and OKPay supported)4. NO need to deposit to Start Earning!The Site also shows a payment proof of the users who got their money and here also their is a good news for you it provides you with some additional coins if you share your payment proof with it.You will earn extra points = Payment Amount x500.
    If your payment was $0.5 then you will earn extra 250 points! and so on... 1- Click on ‘Leave Reply’.2- Upload screenshot of payment proof any where.3- Post your Referral Link + Payment proof image Link in comment.4- Extra points will be added to your within some hours!Enjoy earning!! Click Here:
    FREE Social Media Traffic Exchanger. 
Earn Free BitCoins:
  1. This Is About QoinPro An Earn Free BitCoin Daily Site At . Signing up is free. On Your joining This Site here, starting today, you will receive free BitCoins, Litecoins and Feathercoins in your balance plus any other coins that may have been unlocked. Join here: . As soon as you sign-up you start receiving BitCoins, Litecoins and Feathercoins. All coins can be withdrawn to your wallet as soon as you reach the minimum threshold. Refer your friends and receive a percentage of all the coins they receive as well. Every day! Refer to the table below for the complete payout structure. Join here: . The exchange rate of the Bitcoin has grown from less than $0.0001 to $1000 in less than 5 years [Statistics are as of Februry2014]   and is still going strong. Similarly the Litecoins and Feathercoins have grown. On top of the free daily coins you receive (see below), the Site will have credited a one-time 0.00000250 to your Bitcoin balance, 0.00007671 to your Litecoin balance, 0.00604838 to your FeatherCoin balance and 97.85271991 to your FedoraCoin balance simply for signing up. It's our way of saying "Thank you". Join here: . Every day (including weekends) at 01:00AM UTC the following coins will automatically be added to your (and your friends) balances:Bitcoin: 0.00000001 BTC * Bonuses
    Litecoin: 0.00000030 LTC * BonusesFeatherCoin: 0.00002419 FTC * BonusesBonuses are permanent and range from 0.1% to 1250%. They can be earned in several ways and the Site is adding new ways all the time. One of the fastest way to increase bonuses is to refer your friends to us. Simply send them Your Referral link and they will automatically be placed under you.The daily Referral Bonus is a great incentive on: . Your designation depends on your number of Level 1 Referrals. The more you have the higher your daily bonus will be. For example, if you've invited 11 friends, your daily bonus is +15%, meaning you will receive 15% more bitcoins, litecoins and feathercoins every day. Remember, you also earn a percentage of whatever your friends (and their friends, and their friends)  receive from us. Up to 7 levels deep. Refer your friends and earn a percentage of every coin they receive from us. If your friends refer friends you also earn a percentage of what they receive, and so forth, up to 7 levels deep. The more direct Level 1 referrals you have, the more you earn every day. There is no limit! Join here: . 
    Jobs To Earn From Social Media Platforms Like Twitter, Facebook Etc:
    1. Do you have a good Following on Twitter And Facebook? . Go on and join here. . Inform your Following and Fans about Products. In return you get paid! .
    Bank To Earn From:
    1. Real Money For Virtual Business. They offer you to get 1% of annual profit from the minimum monthly number of your referrals. The Perfect Money (PM) System is unique in its use. It was engineered to become a perfect Internet payment tool. When using the PM System, you are able to:
      • conduct money transfers between users;
      • accept payments in various internet business projects;
      • schedule recurring internet payments;
      • secure your funds in an electronic account while earning interest;
      • make payments for your online purchases of goods and services
      • conveniently store your crypto-currency value, no special wallet setup and no risk 
        Any given client account is a multicurrency one. It is represented by three different currencies:
    2. Here is one more Bank that pays to Refer. Use your referral URL to put in EMails or your WebSite. Earn money by referring other people to their services. Direct referrals are those who used your link to register for an account. Referrals must open a Payza Personal or Business account. Referrals must transact at least $250 (sending and/or receiving). After your 10th referral, the Bank will pay you $10 USD a referral. Self-referrals, or referrals from the same IP address, will not be rewarded. .
    Freelance Market Space:
    1. Freelancer, this is to source work as a Freelance Professional for yourself to earn. ​​ . ​You can put up your credentials and work experience and then bid here. Once your bid is selected you can start to work and earn.: ​​ . Get paid for referring friends! The more they make the more we pay you, straight into your account, for 90 days! Plus, earn a passive income through banners, feeds and links on your blog, site or social media and NO SMART PRICING to lower your earnings! Get started now! 
    2. Elance is another amazing site where you can get your Freelance Work done. a Business House and as a Freelance Worker , both, can meet on this amazing Platform. Do you want a Freelance person then this is where Businesses go to find, hire, collaborate with and pay leading Freelancers from more than 180 countries. With a community of over 3 million freelancers and 1 million businesses, on Elance it's easy to hire a top Freelancer. Find a developer, freelance designers or other talented freelancers with the most in-demand skills. As a Client you are to Register and describe the kind of Project / Task you want done. It can be Writing, Designing, Programming, Virtual Assistant etc. .  All You need to do is register on More than a marketplace for Freelance Web Developers, there's a world of talented people now Freelancing on Elance. This includes talented application developers, software engineers, testers, network administrators, web designers, graphic designers, copywriters, market researchers, SEO experts, data analysts, social media marketers, translators, customer service agents, moderators, administrative assistants, accountants, lawyers and business consultants. If you're looking to Work Differently and do great work while building teams of amazing Freelancers, then join in here: Incase you are a Freelance Person then if you bring a Client and if they make a payment of at least $10, and you'll receive $10. Join here . For Freelancer Referrals, all they need to do is register, verify their email and phone number, and take the Pledge, and you'll receive 10 Connects. As an added bonus, they'll also receive 10 Connects as a gift from you. Top Skills on