About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Art with Sunayna

Touching Lives is an NGO that works out of Mumbai, India. This is at Borivali in Mumbai, India to be exact. It teaches the kids of Indira Nagar about moral values and has facilities for parallel education. It believes in action rather than just words. Touching Lives was initiated in 2002. It believes that life is a journey and that nothing can be stated as right or wrong. It brings about an alternative path of living for those who are in need. Hence it is not on an aggressive path to eradicate anything. It believes in being practical and hence in co-existence. Its principal is simple, it preaches that each one can reach out to another and hence be of help.

Sunayna is a volunteer there since 2007. As she mentions
It breaks her heart to see 8th std kids not being able to understand or talk in English and still pass English medium in BMC schools. Her personal aim is to make them capable to reach and pass SSC. You could visit touchonelife.org to know more about them. She teaches them art and maths. She has started an initiative called Art with Sunayna. In this she makes earrings, greeting cards, coasters, frames and other products from upcycled paper. 20% of what she earns goes to touchonelife.org. Every year, Art with Sunayna conducts diya sale to raise funds for the NGO - from here the complete profit goes to the NGO. The sale would be held from her home. You can contact her at: http://artwithsunayna.wordpress.com/contact-details/

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